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Monday, April 28, 2014

Bookshelf ABC - X

Xenophobe's Guide to the English pretty much explains the part of me I inherited from my English ancestors. And for those of us fascinated by Brit Lit, it's a fine resource for understanding the conundrums and complexities of English reasoning and behavior.

You are just now asking yourself, "Am I a xenophobe?" You are both worried that you are and afraid that you are not. So, to clear up the confusion, a xenophobe is a person fearful of foreigners and things foreign. This delightful guide will aid the reader in overcoming anxiety about those enigmatic folk across the Atlantic. It also sheds light on characterization in novels originating from the Mother Country.

Excite me with more X titles of your own!


Nick Wilford said...

We're not such a bad bunch, really!

For the record, I do love a cup of tea, but don't care about cricket. :)

Jo said...

I never drink tea nor do I bother about cricket any more. Guess I have become somewhat Canadianised.

Merilu Rose said...

Sounds like a fun book. We have friends from the U.K., we met them in Alaska, and we had great fun with them here in the Colonies. I could not find a Z book but there is Zanadu the movie and stage play, so I am sure that a play book was written.

Merilu Rose said...


William Kendall said...

This one I'm drawing a blank on... unless you count endless numbers of X-Men graphic novels as books.

My idiot ex-brother-in-law would rate as a xenophobe.