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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bookshelf ABC - B

The Beast of Blue Mountain creeps down its mountain at night. Hearing it crunch through the leaves and swish through the river, campers, fishermen and stargazers ask, "What was that?"

This picture book tale of a mysterious nighttime creature offers the perfect balance between the thrill of being a little bit scared and the fun of sharing a big laugh. Geared for preschool through elementary ages, The Beast of Blue Mountain teaches kids that noises in the night aren't always something to fear.

Take time to read and turn the pages with a child. It will take no time at all to slip into the world of a book together.

Can you think of children's literature titles that start with a B? Which ones do you recommend?


Jo said...

When I was a child there were a series of books about Biggles, an airman, intended for boys but I devoured them. All the books were titled Biggles "something".

Lucy Adams said...

I remember the Biggles books! I wonder if school libraries still have the series on their shelves.

William Kendall said...

No idea, but then not having kids keeps me out of the loop.

Comley Charlotte said...

Black Beauty
Nice to follow and connect

Michelle said...

The Berenstains' B Book....all those lovely B words make a fun read!