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Reading anything written by Lucy Adams is like solving the problems of the world, particularly the world of family life, over a cup of coffee with your best girlfriend. Her prose takes the mundane, morose and maddening things that are part of everyday life and weaves them into stories that will have you laughing, crying and mostly realizing that yes, you are pretty much like everyone else. - Karin Calloway, editor, Augusta Family Magazine and author of Quick Cooking with Karin Calloway 
    You heard it here first - If mama don't laugh, it ain't funny - and truer words were never said. Lucy's mama did not laugh when she and her older brother, playing with matches, accidentally set the woods on fire behind their house. Her mama didn't laugh when they dropped the cat out of the hayloft upside down to see if it would land on its feet. She might have giggled a little if they hadn't also put the cat in a paper bag before dropping it. (The cat did land on its feet, completely unharmed).
Lucy Adams can bring on the belly laughs. And this is good for healing and toning the abs! Her book, If Mama Don't Laugh, It Ain't Funny, is a real mood lifter, and it beats the heck out of going to the gym. - Susan Reinhardt, best-selling author of Not Tonight Honey, Wait Til I'm a Size 6, and Don't Sleep with a Bubba


Humorist Lucy Adams has found her voice! - Tripp Bowden, author of Freddie & Me: Life Lessons from Freddie Bennett, Augusta National's Legendary Caddy Master

 Ever laughed when you knew you shouldn't? Battled with Satan over chocolate? Forgotten to wear lipstick to the Garden Club meeting? Tried to define variorium? At times like these, what else can you do but Tuck Your Skirt in Your Panties and Run?

Lucy, just wanted to let you know I love your book, TUCK YOUR SKIRT IN YOUR PANTIES AND RUN! I have almost finished it and I want you to know the story on pages 47 & 48 really inspired me. In fact you inspired me so much that I shaved my head, but not for money, for support of my sister-in-law who has breast cancer. When I saw your picture and you looked so great, I knew I could do it too. Thank you so much for sharing your gift of writing, sense of humor and inspiration. Keep up the good work!!! Love, Phyllis Martin 

#####, crunch. Swish, swish. What is that noise in the night? Lucy Adams has penned and illustrated her first children’s picture book, The Beast of Blue Mountain. A measure of suspense, a dose of surprise and a good giggle combine with colorful pictures rendered in the medium of pastels. The storyline appeals to preschoolers through the elementary grades. Inspired by a tale Lucy constructed to entertain her own children around the campfire, The Beast of Blue Mountain teaches kids that noises in the night aren’t always what they seem. 

 My kids love love love this book! It has quickly become a favorite. It is just scary enough to keep them captivated but also very funny. My oldest even brought it to Show & Share to share with his class. I highly recommend it.~ Rayna Filson in five star review.


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