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Monday, October 27, 2014

Blythe Lipman's Baby and Toddler Show Podcasts

Last Wednesday I was the guest on Blythe Lipman's Baby and Toddler Show for parents. You can listen to podcasts of the entire interview here:   (Toginet site for people that don't have Itunes)   (Itunes)
Hear stories about embarrassing moments, dinner time catastrophes and the Halloween costume to which I nearly lost my life when I was seven. You'll also find out why my parents moved to a house without a garage when I was 18.

Monday, October 20, 2014

I'm Blythe Lipman's Guest on Wednesday!

On October 22, join me as I talk books and babies with Blythe Lipman:

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Speaking Spanglish

I've been using a translation service to translate my recently released children's book, Dog on the Run, from English to Spanish. It's a silly book about a dog and what happens when a ball lands in his yard. The repetition, paired with surprise, appeals to young children.

Since I don't speak Spanish, I have also been using a translating service to translate the Spanish back to English, to ensure that the translation is accurate. The book is less than 30 pages with 2 to 10 words on each page, so I did not expect the process to be long or complicated.

And in fact, the Spanish version of the book is more simple than the English version. It's also much shorter. It reads thus:

This is dog.  
Dog is executed.

 My initial instinct is that this is not as appealing as the original text. Could this be the end of aspirations for the Spanish version of Dog on the Run?