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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bookshelf ABC - O

On Writing by Stephen King is one of the best books he's written in his wildly successful career. He proves that persistent plugging away at a passion pays off, and he shares his wisdom with other writers and the world. You don't need to be a writer to read this book. You don't need to love King's genre to read this book. All you need is curiosity about what goes through the mind of a man who writes novels like Carrie and Amityville Horror and Cujo.

As an added bonus, King includes a list of his favorite books, and they're not all macabre tales of fear and foreboding.

Offer me a suggestion for an O book.


Merilu Rose said...

The Orphan Master's Son by Adam Johnson is a wonderful novel about North Korea, it won the Pulitzer pride last year, I have read it twice, because it is so strange and hard to believe that people live under such an oppressive government. Lucy I am loving this books from A to Z, for some reason I didn't get your blog for the last few days so I missed some books...BOOOO.

William Kendall said...

There's one I have read.

Fleming's On Her Majesty's Secret Service comes to mind first.