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About Lucy Adams
Are you ready for southern charm, pithy domestic humor, and ridiculous family antics?

In this Age of Information, daily we are bombarded with negative news.  Lucy Adams provides readers and audiences a hometown feel coupled with wide appeal, giving them a reprieve from the appalling.  Her followers put down the burdens of the day, have a therapeutic laugh, and enjoy the sensation of sharing anecdotes with a next door neighbor.
Lucy Adams published her first book, If Mama Don't Laugh, It Ain't Funny, in 2007. A creative non-fiction memoir of humorous stories and essays about parenting, family life and living in the South, If Mama was released to rave reviews and continues to have strong sales. In If Mama Don’t Laugh, It Ain’t Funny, Lucy covers a broad range of topics, from wrestling vacuums to meeting three legged pigs, from facing immortal roaches to dealing with animated watermelons; and absolutely everything in between.I f Mama Don’t Laugh elevates the humdrum to the hilarious and converts the serious to the side-splitting. 

Lucy Adams's second book, Tuck Your Skirt in Your Panties and Run, was released in January 2011. In her trademark Southern voice and with a knack for unraveling a single incident to reveal its internal workings, Lucy tells tales of mishaps, miscalculations, misjudgments and some of life's most embarrassing situations. Like her first book, Tuck Your Skirt in Your Panties and Run, is a creative-nonfiction memoir-style collection of stories and essays.

Lucy Adams accepts invitations to speak on inspirational topics relevant to her books and experiences: Finding the Miracle in Every Moment; Surviving Embarrassing Situations; Writing: The Impractical Profession.

Inspirational Speaker and Humorist
Speaker and humorist Lucy Adams combines her passion for the written and spoken word with her talent for touching people with her pithy Southern humor. By eliciting emotion from her audience, she grabs their attention, engages their minds and conveys her message.

Lucy routinely speaks to groups both large and small, from a handful of book club members to an auditorium full of Rotarians to a civic center overflowing with women. Her presentations include:

Finding the Miracle in Every Moment
Surviving Embarrassing Situations
Writing: The Impractical Profession
A Topic Prepared for the Interests of the Particular Group
Hi Lucy,
Thanks again for making the Ladies Lunch Bunch so special.  We all had a
great time and look forward to having you again sometime.  I'm trying to
save your books for an upcoming trip and I catch myself "peeking!" So

Take care.


Newspaper Columnist
Since 2003, Lucy Adams has written a weekly newspaper humor column, which she has successfully self-syndicated. Each week, she brings readers stories of the mundane elevated to the heights of hilarious. In her trademark style, she writes with Southern charm and grace while carefully guiding her reader through the intricacies of what would otherwise be a mere blip on the radar of life. Deftly, she reveals the humor and points to the provocative.
Currently, Lucy's syndicated column appears in newspapers in Georgia and Tennessee.  Enthusiastic readers have dubbed her "Erma Grizzard.”  Christina Lee of Creator’s Syndicate writes, "Your work is remarkably clever and appealing.” The major point of departure of Lucy’s work from other humor columnists is its energy, vitality, and vividness, which cooperate to captivate readers, every one of whom pledges lifelong loyalty.
A reader of the Columbia County News-Times assured Barry Paschal, publisher, "If you continue to have Ms. Adams’ articles in your paper . . . be warned! . . . your readership will probably triple.”  Her wide range of subject matter adds to her strengths as a writer. And former publisher of the McDuffie Mirror, Jason Smith, remarks that Lucy’s column draws more response from readers than any other item in the paper.  In fan mail, e-mail, and grocery store testimonials, admirers (male, female, young and old) say they buy newspapers just to read Lucy Adams.
Freelance Writer
As a freelance writer, Lucy Adams accepts retainer to write company newsletters, chamber of commerce guides, advertising copy and other promotional materials.

In addition, Adams writes for magazines, penning personal essays, book reviews, feature articles about notable homes, places and people, timely pieces on parenting and family issues, a monthly health and wellness column and other assignments. She is particularly skilled at interviewing sources and teasing out the interesting highlights, then weaving those into a factual piece riddled with elements of good story telling.

What people are saying:
"From the first week The Mirror began including Lucy’s column, her words have been one of the most talked about parts of the newspaper. Hardly an issue goes by that I don’t run into someone that thanks me for running her column and tells me how much they enjoy reading it. Lucy is smart enough to make fun of herself and sharp enough to make sure everyone will enjoy her slices of life. She’s certainly been a big part of The Mirror’s success, and I’ve never regretted taking a chance on her.”
Jason B. Smith, Publisher, The McDuffie Mirror
"I should point out that I do very much enjoy your work.  You're a very talented writer . . . we're thrilled to have you as part of the News-Times."
Barry Paschal, Publisher, The Columbia County News-Times
"I have worked here almost 7 years and this was the first time I have received comments from anyone about any columns . . . I know people are reading the Lifestyles section now."
Kathy Hemsworth, Lifestyles Editor, Newport Plain Talk
"A fantastic piece!  Muchas gratias to Ms. Adams for writing it and to you for publishing it.  This is community- newspapering at its best."
Craig, Evans, GA, reader, The Columbia County News-Times
"Thank you for sharing your family with us and helping us see the joy of living as we share funny moments with our loved ones.  May God continue to bring you many more experiences to write about."
Karen Reville, reader, The Columbia County News-Times
"Just had to tell you how much I enjoy the articles you write in the Mirror.  Every one gets better and better . . . priceless." 
Carolyn Gilbert, Director, Thomson-McDuffie County Chamber of Commerce

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