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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bookshelf ABC - I

If Mama Don't Laugh, It Ain't Funny will have you giggling until stuff comes out of your nose. The universal antics and anxieties of family life get to the core of why our relatives, the crazy ones and the cool ones, define who we are.

Combine this book with a bouquet of flowers for a heartfelt Mothers' Day gift.

I'd love to know what I titles have resonated with you.


Shelley Batt said...

This sounds like an interesting book. Thanks for sharing it. I'll check it out. Good luck with the rest of the A-Z challenge.

Merilu Rose said...

I just finished "The Invention of Wings" a wonderful book about two sisters in Charlston SC who were abolitionist before the civil war, very interesting. Lucy I also loved your book "if Mama ...."

William Kendall said...

Stephen King's It comes to mind first.