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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Grit Biscuits Unveiled

For my May book signings I decided to unveil the legendary Chocolate Chip Grit Biscuit. Book signing guests received a complimentary Grit Biscuit with the warning, "They're good if you're hungry." I received overwhelming response from my readers. The following are some of the more memorable comments:

"No, thank you, I'm trying to give them up."

"A what? A what? A what? Oh."

"You put a grit in this thing?"

"Are they really made with grits?"

"Is the recipe in your book?"

"Oh, you shouldn't have. You really, really shouldn't have."

My Chocolate Chip Grit Biscuuits have made a statement from Aiken, SC, to Statesboro, GA, to Savannah, GA and to infinity and beyond!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Too Good to be True

I heard on the radio last week, from a faceless morning radio show personality, that NASA is seeking subjects to participate in a microgravity study. It pays $17,000 for three months of work.

What is the work, you ask? What must the human lab rat do to earn his feed? Stay in bed for 90 days.

That's it. Rest and relax for 90 straight days. And as busy as the last 30 days have been (and no one is paying me for carting kids around, doing their laundry, preparing meals, clapping proudly at a hundred different end-of-year programs and recitals, or doing the wave at little league baseball games), I think I could tolerate getting paid to put my feet up for awhile.

If researchers want to examine me flipping through a magazine in bed, reading a backlog of books, spamming my friends with forwarded e-mails, and being an all-around good-for-nothing loafer, AND pay me for the privilege, sign me up!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Still Living Fearlessly . . . Sort Of

Just a question. I've been thinking a lot about my March-made New Year's Resolution to take life by the roots of its hair and pull until it cries, "Uncle." And while contemplating this questionably unladylike behavior, I've encountered a bit of a quandary, even a possible quagmire.

Can a southern lady truly live fearlessly without risking her virtue or her neutral color palette?

My dilemma is a crimp in the curling iron, for sure. What's a girl to do?