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Thursday, April 14, 2011


Limerick: One of the favorite poem forms of the school child, a limerick is a five-line closed-form poem with an AABBA rhyme scheme. Often the limerick pokes fun or is plafully tawdry. Clever double meaning is typical.

An Example from Literature: From Edward Lear

There was a Young Lady whose eyes,

Were unique as to colour and size;
When she opened them wide,
People all turned aside,
And started away in surprise

My Try: Animosity erupted between Netty and Lou Ellen as soon as Lou Ellen's family moved to town from Tuscaloosa. Lou Ellen's daddy came to take over the Michelin plant and her family had more money than five local families combined. Lou Ellen flaunted her pretty clothes and big bows and correct grammar like a red carpet rolled out befpre her. Netty and her best friend Anna made up a limerick that they chanted quietly so teachers couldn't hear:
We know girl named Lou Ellen
We puke cause her feet are a-smellin'
She eats with her toes
Mold grows in her nose
It's so bad the angels are yellin'

Leave a limerick as a comment.

(This blog post is brought to you as a part of the April A to Z Challenge.)

April 15th - Metaphor


Mike said...

If men ever wanted to roam,
With their wives, but away from the home;
Spend time in Alaska,
In love they will bask-a,
For finally, you've gotten to Nome!

(this particular limerick (known in literary circles as the Limerick Lame-o)has a sixth line in the AABBAC pattern. The sixth line is the same in every rendition, as follows;)

Oh brother!

Misha said...

It is so funny,
How while they aren't runny,
Limericks can joke,
About any old bloke,
While incredibly punny.

Hehehe... 5 seconds flat. ;-)

Misha said...

It is so funny,
How while they aren't runny,
Limericks can joke,
About any old bloke,
While being incredibly punny.

Hehehe... 5 seconds flat. ;-)

The Golden Eagle said...

Great "L" word! Limerick. I love saying it. :)

Martha (MM) said...

Too funny! Great job :-)

Brianna said...

Comment as a limerick
That is quite a tough trick
I'll give it a try
hope you don't cry
the last line makes me sick

That stinks! But I gave it a shot :)

the writing pad said...

Hi Lucy
I love limericks ... great 'L' word - but there are some v rude ones about! This is one I wrote a while ago, reasoning my way out of a diet:
Wonderful thing, skin, innit?
You don't have to fasten or pin it
And you'll never be cursed
With a rip or a burst
No matter how much you put in it

Dawn M. Hamsher said...

Lucy, My post for "L" was also limerick.

There once was a girl with strong hair
Whose fibers like steel were so rare.
Once a boy came too near
And the tendrils did rear.
He lays on the floor, so beware.