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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Freudian Slip

Freudian Slip: Alluding to Freudian psychology which emphasises a link between sexual desires and the subconcious mind, it is slip of the tongue in which a person says one thing, but means another. In is involuntary and completely accidental. The Freudian slip is a verbal error believed to reveal a suppressed thought, desire or emotion. Writers employ it to provide information about the hidden desires of characters.

An Example from Literature: In Spider Robinson's Callahan's Secret, Jake introduces himself to Mary at their first meeting with the opening line, "It certainly is a very nice tits."

My Try: Netty put on her blue power dress and marched herself right over to Lou Ellen's door. No way that woman would spread rumors about Netty walking and smoking at the Kroger without Netty having a say. Netty mashed the brains out of that doorbell button, but on the inside of the house the doorbell rang the same as it always did, never letting on to the strain it was under beneath Netty's red-nailed index finger. "Hey there, Roy," she said when Lou Ellen's husband swung open the door. He'd had a thing for Netty since the 7th grade when they kissed in his parent's basement during the Christmas party. "Lou Ellen ain't here. She took the new Suburban for a spin around the bottle to see if she can park in it okay."

Are you slipping on Freud? Leave it as a comment, but keep it PG, please.

(This blog post is brought to you as a part of the April A to Z Challenge.)

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welcome to my world of poetry said...

The one I came out with the other day is unprintable, Loved the F word most unsual.


the writing pad said...

Sorry I missed getting here yesterday. Great E post. Re today's F word, often wondered whether Freudian Slip is, in itself Freudian (I mean, maybe it was meant to be Freudian Overall, or Freudian Big Thick Jumper ...) My attempt at an FS is "Ginny eyed the plate of oysters, offered her by the handsome hunk. Ooh, she said what lovely mussels"
Have a lovely day
All best

li said...

Autocorrect makes them! I meant "pencil" in.

Dawn M. Hamsher said...

This one was harder!

My attempt:
The teacher refused to listen. She moved on to examine the next art project.

Angelica was beside herself. She had never failed a project. She had never not turned in her homework. Her excuse was real. Her dog really did eat her project and the remnants of it littered the backyard in sparkly brown clumps.

"Mrs. Riles", Angelica begged, "You have to believe me! The dog really did shit it!"

Every eye in the classroom turned to stare at her and Mrs. Riles' eyes almost popped out of her head. Angelica instantly knew that something she had said was wrong, but what?

Brianna said...

She took the new Suburban for a spin around the bottle to see if she can park in it okay
Very clever!

Lucy Adams said...

Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. The Freudian slips posted are very, well, Freudian. Nice work.

I've been trying to A to Z while out of town on vacation this week and haven't been getting around to the other blogs as I had hoped. But look out, I'm coming.