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Monday, December 9, 2013

Three Books for the Holiday Hostess

There comes a point in the holidays when even the bestest, most perfectest person needs a little help. If you don't own these three books, get them any way you can. They provide the road map for surviving the holidays with your hair still in place.

1. The Joy of Family Traditions by Jennifer Trainer Thompson.

No matter how hard you try to ignore the calendar, teachers and school administrators will shove it in your face. The Christmas break will begin whether you bring your grievances to the school board about it or not. And, being the "good" parent that you are, you desire to turn these compulsory days at home together into special memories. But how? With great ideas that you make your own, of course.

2. The Art of the Visit by Kathy Bertone.

Don't look now, but Aunt Eulene, Uncle Edgar and the Arkansas rug rats have loaded up their car and they're headed your way! In true Christmas spirit, you must greet them at the door with a smile and hugs all around and remain just as enthusiastic to be in their company for the entire two weeks of their visit. Kathy Bertone offers practical wisdom for living your intention.

3. Peterson's Holiday Helper by Valerie Peterson

Guess what. We ALL know you're not perfect. We heard you in the pantry mumbling to yourself and slamming cans of cranberries on the shelves. There's a no-bake cure for this! Peterson's Holiday Helper is filled with recipes for keeping one's sanity.

Yes, these invaluable resources are in my personal collection. How else could I make it to New Year's with such grace and composure? And now YOU know my little secret. Shhh. Don't tell.

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William Kendall said...

The Arkansas rug rats, hmmm?