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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Naughty or Nice

I thought I had more time. I was planning to change my ways, to straighten up and quit being sarcastic and silly. I was going to get serious about getting on Santa's "Nice" List.

But today is the day that he locks it all in. The bah-humbugs like me, who had all intentions of jingling bells and smiling at elves and wearing Christmas sweaters, will have our names inscribed on the "Naughty" List. There's no way after today to erase them.

December 4th is Santa's official list day, when he finalizes his lists and 
lays off the spying elves in order to busy the building 
elves. All hope is lost for those of us waiting for the Christmas crunch 
before correcting cantankerous behavior. This is no joking matter.
Read about it for yourself:

 The woes of procrastination and a poor attitude are catching up with me today.

I'm SORRY, Santa! Give me one more chance. I promise I'll be nice.


William Kendall said...

It's no use trying to make last minute pleas with the jolly elf. Come over to the dark side with those of us cornering the world market on coal in the stockings.

We have cookies.

Lucy Adams said...

On my way!