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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

10 Success Secrets of Santa

Do you ever wonder how Santa does it all? This is the busiest time of the year, yet he stays jolly and calm and get his job done. What's the secret to Santa's success? 

10 Success Secrets of Santa

1. He makes a list. Highly productive people make prioritized lists. Santa focuses on naughty and nice. Those categories don't fit the needs of most of us. The point is to list what you need to do, and prioritize. 

2. He checks his list. Twice. The only way to know if you're completing important tasks is to check your list. 

3. He dresses to impress. As they say, the clothes make the man. You might not wear a red suit, but remember to dress according to your audience. Sweatpants in your home office are fine, but not so perfect for meeting with a client. 

4. He eats right. Santa consumes the required number of calories to maintain a jolly spirit. He balance his cookies with milk. Avoid being snippy by keeping your blood sugar at the right level. Eat a balanced diet. 

5. He makes an entrance. We can't all arrive via chimney, but there's more than one way to get noticed. Smile and make eye contact when entering a room. You'll be remembered as long as the jolly old elf himself. 

6. He surrounds himself with the right help. Santa delegates to his elves AND trusts that they can and will do the job. The right crew and connections can make the difference between getting a project done and getting it done well. 

7. He smiles even when others cry. Santa sits and lends a knee to his admirers, some of whom repay him with tears. Santa smiles anyway. There will always be people who cry no matter what you do for them. Smile anyway. 

8. He gives gifts to the good. Everyone loves to receive a gift. Gifts don't necessarily need to be consumer goods. You can give the gift of your time, of a listening ear, of a hug, of a handwritten note. Gifts of this kind build relationships with fans and friends. 

9. He isn't afraid to get a little dirty. Soot on the sleeves of his coat is a hazard of his occupation, likely not something he looks forward to. He gets his attitude right, though, and gets on with his business. Sometimes to succeed you have to get your hands dirty. 

10. He chooses his words carefully. Ho, ho, ho. Find a phrase that fits you. Say it with enthusiasm.


Jo said...

I also figured he has a cloning machine and that's where Alex J. Cavenaugh got his.

A different way of presenting good advice.

William Kendall said...

Santa must have perfected a teleportation device along the way too...

G Derry said...

He's very efficient, but he smells like beef and cheese.

mare ball said...

Ha! very good. Santa is a organized dude, isn't he? Not sure he eats right though. All those holiday treats make the Santa suit tight. :-)