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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Seeking an Exciting Life on Craigslist

My husband and I watched the documentary, Craigslist Joe, about a guy in LA who decides to prove that the Internet brings people together rather than isolates us. He so strongly believes that goodwill among mankind still exists that he's willing to rely on it to meet all of his needs for 31 days. For the entire month of December, he depends on the generosity of people who posted Craigslist ads. He even found his camera man on Craigslist. 

First let me say, I recommend this movie. It's entertaining and interesting and Joe is a likeable and patient guy. It's easy to understand why people trust him and help him. WARNING: There's content in this picture that you do not want your children to see.

Second, let me say, I am disturbed by the lack of resolution. As he sets out early in his experiment, Joe borrows a bicycle for the month, per an offer on Craigslist. A short time later he no longer has the bike in his possession. No explanation is given for the missing bike. Did he throw it in a ditch? Did he wreck it beyond repair? Was it stolen? 
Much to my husband's annoyance, I can't quit obsessing about the bike. I mean, if the project is to demonstrate that people are still generous and trustworthy yet he doesn't return the bike to the person from whom he borrowed it, hasn't he shot himself in the foot? I want to know what happened to the bike!

Third, don't try this at home. Mostly what the project proves is that people, particularly those who use Craigslist, are CRAZY. Not just a little off their rockers, either. Nuts in a can, I tell you.
My husband says I'm reading too much into it. He says they edited the film that way to make it interesting. Maybe so, but when I went snooping around my local Craigslist this is what I found:

Reply [?] 

Secret Society (Central)

I am currently dissatisfied with the amount of exceptional in my life.

I would like to begin a formal secret society with ritual and rules. I want a society of intellectuals banded together, loyal to an unconditional extent. Dedicated to a cause -- my cause -- with blinders on. We'll become rich and powerful, and no one will know.

In members, I want bravery, creativity, and fidelity. I want those who feel as though their purpose has not yet come along in life. I want those who can boldly commit to a new enterprise.

We will be exclusive--in time, once built. For now, write me if you are interested. Include your rationale for wanting to join--why is it that your life hasn't mattered yet? Include the talents you're bringing to the group. Can you shoot a gun? Repair cars? Paint? Any talent is appreciated.

Let us know.
Sure thing, CRAZY.


William Kendall said...

That Secret Society is a Waco just waiting to happen, from the sounds of it.

When I was looking for a new place to live, I peeked around Craigslist for listings. Among other things, I saw a listing for a place, free for a woman only, as long as she didn't mind threesomes with the couple living there.

Lucy Adams said...

I use Craigslist some to post our rental houses. Maybe I should start making the listings more interesting than 3BR/2Ba with hardwood floors. Perhaps that would help get them rented faster.

Jo said...

Yeah, you should throw in some threesomes or something.

Never used Craig's list but it does sound as though people really are bonkers.

So what happened to the bike. Here's an idea, advertise for an answer on Craig's List.

Lucy Adams said...

Great idea, Jo! Someone reading Craigslist posts is bound to know what happened to the bike.