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Friday, November 22, 2013

Skipping Thanksgiving

Don't you feel like Thanksgiving gets the shaft? Since before Halloween, retailers have been shoving Christmas up our noses and down our throats and under our fingernails. They treat Thanksgiving like a mosquito buzzing in their ears. They swat at it and swat at it, but it's still here.

But what if we did just do it, just skipped Thanksgiving? I fantasized about such . . .

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William Kendall said...

It's different for us, of course, since we had our Thanksgiving in October, and we don't make that much of a production about it. It does feel, sometimes, like it's over the top south of the border.

Jo said...

Ditto William. I think it would be so much better in the US if you moved it back a month. It seems to be regarded as the beginning of the holiday season rather than a day of it's own.