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Monday, November 11, 2013

I'm Planning to Dance More

My family knew just what I needed for my birthday: more music, more singing, more dancing. So they gave me this JawBone by JamBox. It connects to my iPhone via Bluetooth and projects my Pandora tunes 360-degrees. It's smaller than my youngest son's shoe and more powerful than the shoe's potent aroma.

It already has me doing a mighty fine jig. Being halfway to a right angle, which is virtually halfway to heaven by my calculations, I believe I have license to dance like no one is watching. Unfortunately, someone was watching . . . and recording:

It was the smell of the child's shoes that gave him away. 

My children have suggested, though they say they do not wish to discourage me from dancing, that I may not want to do this particular move anymore.

Kids. What do they know?


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William Kendall said...

Hah! Oh, boy!

Jo said...

Go on dance away, if you feel like it, do so.

Lucy Adams said...

Thank you, Jo. I believe I will.

I don't know how to respond to William's comment. Yes, I need lessons.