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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday's Child Gets Things Done

You went to bed last night and put your head on your pillow and ruminated on the numerous Monday-to-do-list things you failed to accomplish. You agonized about adding them to your Tuesday to-do list. You tossed and turned, thinking you'll never get everything done this week.

Fear not, my friend. Tuesday is here to rescue you from your woes and restore restful slumber. Tuesday is the most productive day of the week. Tuesday knows you couldn't get it all done on Monday. After all, you needed a day to recover from sitting around on Sunday.

And Tuesday won't leave loose ends lingering for Wednesday, because Tuesday knows that Wednesdays are for celebrating camels. Who can get anything done when camels are wandering the halls and looking over your shoulder?

Tuesday will take on Thursday's load, too, since Thursday is practically the weekend. No one should work on the weekend. And Friday is just Friday and it's getting ready for Saturday. Friday can't focus on the to-do list because Friday's job is to plan ahead.

 Tonight, you will sleep. Getting a monumental week's worth of work done in one day wears a person out. But just think how Tuesday opens a can possibilities for the other six days of the week. What will you do with those?


William Kendall said...

Thursday's practically the weekend!

One wonders what old Henry Ford would have made of that....

Jo said...

Good for Tuesday. I'm glad if it works for you, even though I am retired I still find lots to do. Must remember to be sure I get help from Tuesday.

Lucy Adams said...

William, it was impossible for Henry Ford to know this detail about Thursday. He did not go to the University of Georgia where Thursday's status among the days of the week was taught to me many years ago.

Lucy Adams said...

Jo, you can always count on old reliable Tuesday.