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Friday, October 25, 2013

10 Things to Do in 6 Minutes

What can you accomplish is six short minutes? Six minutes doesn't seem long enough to do anything, does it? Think again:

10 Things YOU Can Do in 6 Minutes (with time to spare)

  1. Floss your teeth.
  2. Paint your nails (use the polish that dries in 60 seconds).
  3. Plan a menu.
  4. Write a grocery list.
  5. Compose a handwritten note and address it.
  6. Outline your next - or first - novel.
  7. Make your bed.
  8. Eat an apple (keeps the doctor away, you know).
  9. Turn off lights around your home to save money.
  10. Organize your silverware drawer.
The BIG question is, Where do you find 6 whole minutes?

Keep the kids busy with audiobooks. The Beast of Blue Mountain audiobook is available from and it just so happens to be 6-minutes long. They'll be so entranced by the suspense, the surprise and the giggles you will probably have an extra minute to just breathe.

Keep them busy a little longer with the print version, too, and who knows what mountains you can climb!.


William Kendall said...

I shall have to take your word for it on the nail polish.

Lucy Adams said...

Or wait until no one is looking . . .

Jo said...

Good ideas. Don't use nail polish any more, my nails have been a mess for a long time.