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Thursday, October 31, 2013

How to Hold on to Your Chocolate at Halloween

Trick-or-treaters scope out neighborhoods. They know who is giving our Snickers minis and Reeses Cups. They spread the word about where to find M&Ms. They dodge the addresses where hard, peanut butter flavored blocks wrapped in orange wax paper are dropped in sacks. 

It's great to get word that your house is the "good" house, but it could be even better to hold on to some of that chocolate for yourself for later. This is quite a conundrum in which to find one's self. The goal is to be the "good" and still have some chocolatey treats to spare.

To that end, I offer these tips:

1) Make the entry to your yard of Halloween hopes and horrors obvious and foreboding.

 2) Point the way to the candy bowl, if the trick-or-treaters dare proceed.

3) Show them what happened to the last trick-or-treater brave enough to knock on the front door.

4) Reassure them that you take good care of trick-or-treaters.

5) Station a greeter to make the children feel welcome at your home.

6) Above all, be friendly. Say something like, "Hello children. I'm so glad you came. Mama's not feeling well tonight. Come a little closer so I can hear you screeeeeeeammmmmmmmm."



Shelly said...

Very funny!

Lucy Adams said...

Thank you, Shelly. And I do have a little chocolate left over this morning :-)

William Kendall said...

Very funny, Lucy!

Reese peanut butter cups, of course, are the proverbial mother lode all trick or treaters want!

Lucy Adams said...

You're right about the peanut butter cups. None of those are left in our candy bowl. I've had to settle for eating lots of little Kit-Kats today.

Jo said...

I like Kit Kats. I don't think I would be visiting your door if I were a kid.

Lucy Adams said...

Some did pass us by. Most did not.