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Monday, September 9, 2013

Wisconsin Called

Friday, I posted about my on-line run-in with a woman from Wisconsin. Her mama failed to teach her not to say anything if she could think of nothing nice to say about Tuck Your Skirt in Your Panties and Run. I speculated that perhaps she wrote such poor comments and put them on the Internet for the whole world to see because she is the victim of an unfortunate personality. Of course, I made sure to add that I would pray for her. Taking the high road is important in matters like this.

In fairness to her, I noted that there may be other explanations for her inability to laugh on cue. Communism was suggested. That's only a natural assumption.

And I do recall mentioning that her problem may be that Wisconsin as a state lacks humor. Everyone knows that. I meant it as a simple statement of fact, not as derision. 

The communists haven't called, but Wisconsin did.


William Kendall said...

They're marshalling forces, sending troops south. You've just started the Second American Civil War.

Lucy Adams said...

I'm going to have to pray for the whole state.