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Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Review of Stainless Steel Onion and Vegetable Chopper

Originally submitted at CSN Stores

This product is designed for dicing and chopping fruits, vegetables, nuts and other food items. With each chop the knives retract and reset to a new position of the next chop. It can be taken apart for cleaning.


  • Great for dicing and chopping
  • ...

The Super Slapper

By Lucy Adams from Thomson, GA on 12/30/2010


5out of 5

When my husband unwrapped his Christmas gift, a huge grin broke across his face. He said, "Oh you got me one, a super slapper." I received it as a free product from CSN in exchange for using it and writing a review. As it was Christmas, I decided to give it to my husband as a replacement of one we had previously, made by another company out of less durable materials. The stainless steel body of this chopper can withstand the vigorous use my husband puts it through.

This stainless steel chopper is perfect for chopping and dicing small to moderate amounts of onions, vegetables, and even tender meats. And it's so much more convenient than dragging out the big food processor and all its parts.Plus, it stores in a relatively small space, which is important in our kitchen since we don't have a lot of cabinets.

My husband's favorite use for his chopper is making salsa. The chopper allows him to very efficiently prepare all of his ingredients. I like the salsa better when we makes it this way as opposed to using the food processor, because the food processor whips the salsa into a frothy consistency rather than a chunky mixture.

Overall, I think this product is more useful and efficient for chopping than either a knife or a food processor. Depending on how many times the blade is depressed, the user can control the resulting size of the food being chopped. The more depressions the smaller the pieces. Finally, it comes apart for easy cleaning and, again, unlike a food processor, there is no motor to worry about when cleaning the "Super Slapper."



cleaning stainless steel said...

i have never seen this device before would like to see a close up image. or a video demo

Lucy Adams said...

Click on the link at the top of the blog and it will take you to the CSN web site where you can view a larger picture. It's a very cool kitchen gadget, for sure.

Katherine said...

I'm assuming you're bringing us some of that salsa ;)

Lucy Adams said...

I just wish we had some garden ripe tomatoes. Those have the best flavor.