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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Junior League Tree without the Junior League Headache

Does your yuletide tree look like this?

Or this?

Or maybe even this?

Have you dreamed for years of giving your family the kind of Christmas tree they deserve? A Junior League Tree? But you couldn't face the Junior League headache of trying to perfectly arrange those themed decorations?

There's hope for people like us. The Show Me Decorating: Recipe for Holiday Tree Trimming DVD demonstrates step-by-step instructions for a Junior League Festival of Tree (you're only going to put up one right?).

In the time it takes a claymation snowman to blink, you'll learn all the tricks of the trade. You can even follow along while you trim your own tree.

Best of all, the DVD lends itself to family fun for years to come. Break out the eggnog for a little reindeer game of Christmas Balls. Every time someone in the video says "balls" everyone sips some nog. A word of caution, however: Too much of a good time too early could result in a Junior League headache.

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