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Monday, February 17, 2014

Yoda Takes His Wisdom to the Streets

Yoda, poor guy, is one of those actors typecast into a particular kind of role. It happens to a lot of good actors who play a single character so well that no one - fans nor movie directors - can ever see them as any other character in any other movie. Their talent goes to waste on the sidelines of Hollywood productions. Would the public accept Yoda in any movie outside of the Star Wars series? It's doubtful.

What I love about Yoda, though, is that he's resilient. Just like Tonya Harding found an after-the-Olympics niche in women's mixed martial arts ultimate fighting arenas, Yoda has slipped into his own place in the world off the stage. In his own words, "There is do or not do. There is no try." Yoda's public expects nothing less of him.

After several years in obscurity, Yoda has re-emerged. Luckily his sage advice is not lost to the motion picture archives. It's alive and thriving in Metro Atlanta. Driving down Riverside Drive in January, I discovered that Yoda is taking his wisdom to the streets, literally.

"Block not do." It's a powerful message. Thank you Yoda.


William Kendall said...

Oh boy....

Whoever painted that must have had a sense of humour...

or found a pink slip marked, "funny, think we not."

Jo said...

Always loved Yoda.