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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

When a Neighbor Gives You Lemons

I'm going to have to make a whole lot of sweet tea to handle this lemon!

This giant grew in the backyard of a neighbor. When she brought it over and I saw its size, all I could think was that her lemon tree must be kin to the tree from Poltergeist. But, I minded my manners, kept my musings to myself and thanked her for the thoughtful gift.

Shall I save a seed and plant its spawn?


William Kendall said...

Oh, yes, you should, just to see what happens.

Jo said...

My reaction would be lots of gin and tonics with lemon. Hubby drinks those. Yup, definitely plant a seed, it really is a monster isn't it?

Lucy Adams said...

Good suggestion, Jo.

If I plant it's seeds, I expect a rather large lemon tree will grow. And at the top of the tree will be a magical place where a middle-aged man lives with a pet ferret that poops. No gold in this fairy tale.