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Friday, February 14, 2014

We Have Entered a New Era

These words penned at the bottom of a piece of mail my husband received prove that the world has changed shape and has re-shaped our expectations. If you're having trouble reading it, it says:

       P.S. Sorry about the handwritten bill.
              I am having computer issues.

When my husband opened the enveloped and removed the paper, he awed at receiving a hand-written bill. Though, yes, it was an onerous request for payment, he reveled in the compliment that someone had taken time to write it out longhand. So seldom does the mailman deliver anything that was not generated by a computer (heck, he hardly even delivers bills anymore, as most of those are sent digitally) that my husband's heart leapt.

But the P.S. at the bottom, the apology for having "insulted" my husband's sense of right and wrong with the base presentation of something scribbled by the human hand, spoiled the moment. My beloved blew the air from his puffed up ego, tossed the paper aside and said, "Well, I guess I've got to pay it."


William Kendall said...

That's a real rarity!

Jo said...

Handwriting, what's that?

Lucy Adams said...

I know.

Even bills are nicer with a handwritten touch.