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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mommy's Time Out Whine

This is how I feel the day after Halloween:
After handing out about 2500 pieces of candy one at a time, I'm exhausted. And, no, I do not exaggerate that number. If anything, I've underestimated. By 5 o'clock in the afternoon, itty-bitties beging arriving dressed like bumble bees and lady bugs holding out darling bags and buckets. By 6 o'clock, people are lined up on my walkway three abreast from my stoop to the street. Entire families - Mom, Dad, sister, brother and baby - extend candy collection containers toward me. At 9 o'clock we flee the madness, retreating to the security behind our locked front door. And still, the goblins ring the bell and thrash the door knocker.

To say the least, it's exhausting. Today, I think I deserve:
A few sips of Mommy's Time Out pinot grigio and I'll be good to go again. It's the perfect beverage - not too sweet, not too dry - for whetting my whistle and rejuvenating my spirit. After collecting all of the candy wrappers discarded on the lawn and tidying the Halloween sprawl of ghastly scenes across my front yard, enjoying a little restorative Mommy's Time Out will be well-deserved.

It will wash the sugar sweaters from my teeth, the cobwebs from my head and embolden me to face the onslaught of Thanksgiving. Plus, the raising of the glass will help loosen the sore muscles of my candy-handing arm.

Has Halloween left you feeling like this:
Then maybe you need a Mommy's Time Out wine, too:


Lexa Cain said...

I like your play on words (whine/wine), and I really enjoyed the post about your Halloween siege! lol
I hope you recover soon. :-)

Jo said...

Never heard of that wine, will have to look out for it. I am lucky, I live in an apartment building so the candy dispensing is done by the super. Not to stop me having a glass of wine though.

Pearson Report said...

Hi Lucy - I giggled all the way through - I can't imagine 2500 pieces of candy leaving via my front door...I'd be fighting the little "beggars" and raiding a few candy buckets as well. (I know, I'm bad!)

The only way candy leaves these four walls is via my digestive system! :)

Now...I'm going to have to search the local specialty liquor store for Mommy's Time Out - you've given it quite a lovely review.

I'll let you know if I find it. I hope it hit the spot for you after such a busy evening. I was exhausted reading about it and had a lovely, refreshing gin and lemon beverage to get me through the excitement.

Cheers, Jenny

William Kendall said...

I got home after eight that night... by then, most of the trick or treat action was starting to wane, but my landlady saw quite a lot come by earlier on in the evening...

I have heard of that wine before!

Lucy Adams said...

Yes, but have you heard the awful noise mothers' make right before it's squelched by the first sip . . . and the second . . . and the third?