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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Do I Talk Funny?

As I always do on Sundays, I asked my husband to read the draft of my newspaper column for  next weekend's paper. I caught him on the way out to do his other usual Sunday activity: Lurking in a tree stand in the forest hoping to snipe a white tail or at least come home with a good story. Nonetheless, he obliged my request though it slowed his haste. He's a good man in that respect.

But in other respects he's absolutely confounding. Today, for example, he had the audacity to turn to me after finishing his compulsory read through of my article and ask, "What do you mean by 'Will it play in Peoria?'"

"What do you mean what do I mean?" I retorted, deeply offended.

He claims to have never ever heard that phrase before and assures me that if he hasn't heard it no one else has either. "Readers won't know what you're talking about," he accused.

The article, by the way, recounts a school-spirit induced traipse onto a rival high school's property to drop off a brief message for the student body. I of course defended my phrasing to my husband by pointing out that the complete sentence, Will it play in Peoria or land me in Sing Sing, provides plenty of context clues by which to decipher it (or to at least get a rough idea that it means something better than going to jail).

"You talk funny," was all he said. Then he put on his hat, grabbed his gun and exited stage left, leaving me wondering if he's right.

Am I the only person who has ever heard or used the line, Will it play in Peoria? Do I talk funny?



Pearson Report said...

Hi Lucy,

I'm giggling with this post. Now...dare I confess I'm in the dog house with your husband on this one.

I do recall hearing it somewhere in my five decades on this planet...but where, when and why, I'm not sure.

In fact, I am heading out to google it and update my intelligence...which seems to be waning these days.

Nonetheless, please do not think less of me for not knowing more!

Cheers, Jenny

Lucy Adams said...

Thank you for your heartening message. Like me, you are an unconscious collector of random phrases clipped from strings of attachment to their origins. It makes flipping them out even more fun.

Pearson Report said...

Hi Lucy - I went a-googling, rather than brave the rain to plant my tulip bulbs, and found myself enlightened.

So, you see, getting up this morning has already paid dividends...I now have a working knowledge of said expression...and finally "get it"! Yay me!

"HERE" is where I went for my enlightenment! Feel free to share this with hubby.

The Visit Wizard said...

Laughed out loud. I had a newspaper column and did the same until I decided, "why bother"?! Yes, it will play, and yes, you do talk funny! ;)
Happy Thanksgiving and keep us laughing.

Mike said...

No, you are not the only person who has ever heard or used the line; and yes, you do talk funny. But apparently you also tuck your shirt in your, no big deal.

William Kendall said...

Talking funny is a good thing, of course....

I have heard that phrase before.