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Friday, January 13, 2012

Naming the House - Update

Thank you to everyone who has made suggestions. The quest to name my house continues. These things take time. Meanwhile, I have lent myself to research on the subject of naming a house. It's hard to find a clear set of guidelines, but I have discerned the following house naming rules from my Internet travels:

1) One must act as a responsible citizen when naming his or her house/property. In other words, if the name is to be posted or used on mail, avoid tawdry, racy, suggestive titles, as well as expletives, even though you may not be able to talk about your old bag of nails without including them.

2) A house name makes a statement about the property or the occupants.

3) Make sure no other properties/homes in the local vicinity already have the name with which you want to christen your house.

4) House/property names can be historic, sentimental, descriptive, humorous or simple. Distinguishing features of the house, plants and/or animals within the bounds of the property, or the view from the property/house can be included in the name.

5) Choose a distinctive moniker, something memorable that sets the house apart from others nearby.

6) Remember, your house will be there far longer than you. Make the name about the house/property and not about the people.

Though I don't know what I will eventually name my house, I have eliminated all of the Top 50 House Names in the UK:

1. The Cottage
2. Rose Cottage
3. The Bungalow
4. The Coach House
5. Orchard House
6. The Lodge
7. Woodlands
8. The Old School House
9. Ivy Cottage
10. The Willows
11. The Barn
12. The Old Rectory
13. Hillside
14. Hillcrest
15. The Croft
16. The Old Vicarage
17. Sunnyside
18. Orchard Cottage
19. Yew Tree Cottage
20. The Laurels
21. The Old Post Office
22. The Gables
23. The Hollies
24. The Beeches
25. The Firs
26. Woodside
27. Meadow View
28. The Stables
29. The White House
30. Holly Cottage
31. Willow Cottage
32. Highfield
33. The Haven
34. Springfield
35. Fairview
36. White Cottage
37. Mill House
38 The Orchard
39. Treetops
40. Primrose Cottage
41. The Granary
42. The Nook
43. Corner Cottage
44. School House
45. Greenacres
46. The Old School
47. Honeysuckle Cottage
48. Lilac Cottage
49. Wayside
50. Oaklands
If you can think of any other names I should NOT use, do tell. Maybe I'll arrive at just the right thing by the back door.

House Signs - Mews Style

House Signs - Floral Motif

House Signs - Custom Painted

1 comment:

William Kendall said...

Just as long as you don't name it Green Gables.

You could call it Smuggler's Inn.

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