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Friday, January 27, 2012

It Lives!

She exhales her last warm breath and alas I am alone in the cold. Lost. Shivering. Unable to type due to the stiffness fearlessly arresting my fingers. It's hard being the one left behind.

Rest in peace, dear friend. I shall never know a constant companion more faithful than thee my sweet space heater.

Lo, what is this? My eldest child, finding her prostrate on the floor, hath restored warm breath to her lungs and by all accounts resuscitated her. Were he not of my own flesh, I would cry sorcery. But I know he hath no knowledge of potions and spells; otherwise he would have a better grade in Spanish. Thus, it can only be said that he performeth a miracle today.

Wouldst thou, dear child, feel free to perform a miracle in Spanish?