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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Downside of Perfect Parenting

There is a growing trend in America for parents, mainly mothers, to obsess over their children. Parents are seeking perfection by investing themselves heavily in every waking moment of their children's lives. When they're not actively enaged with their children, they fill their adult relationships with stories of their parenting prowess.

Earlier this month, for a forthcoming article in Augusta Family Magazine, I interviewed parenting expert John Rosemond about this topic. This short clip is a must-listen for every parent. Are you the person he's describing? Is yours the marriage he's describing? A real eye-opener:

Don't get defensive. Rosemond is not advocating that we all become Glass Castle mothers. He's encouraging us to quit marginalizing our husbands and crippling our children. Think about how often you correct your husband in his parenting efforts or write him off as unable to do it like you, therefore, as incompetent. Consider whether or not you're willing to let your child try and fail. Do you do his school projects while he reads the rubric to you? Are you quick to step in and handle social skirmishes between your daughter and her friends? There is a happy middle ground between Running with Scissors and micromanagement.

Get great parenting tips and advice from John Rosemond's books, web site and weekly newspaper column. Look for my article coming out in the May/Jun issue of Augusta Family Magazine.

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