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Friday, February 25, 2011

Lounging About

Ugh. I came down with a miserable cold this week. The only things I've been able to muster the motivation to do is to sink into an Eames lounge chair and shop at CSN stores on-line. I used my limited strength to prop up my feet, plug my nose with tissues and peruse home decor and kitchen gadgets and gardening gear.

Not for my self, mind you, but for my dear, sweet mother who has supplied me with a batch of her special chicken soup recipe (It has healing powers). Mother's Day is just around the corner and she deserves to be remembered and honored with just the right thing; something that says, I was thinking of you when I curled up in my Eames lounge chair, eating medicinal chicken soup while stuffing tissues in my nostrils so as not to drip on my keyboard, which would ruin my shopping experience.

When I can see clearly enough through my watery bloodshot eyes, I'm going to click Check Out. Just so you won't have to go forever wondering what I bought in my snotty, disheveled state, In a few weeks I'll post a review of whatever shows up in a cardboard box at my front door.

I do love Mother's Day surprises! Don't you?

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