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Friday, December 12, 2014

Under Water

The good news is I've received a lot of article assignments in the last three months. In the freelance writing business, developing a career to the point at which one has a regular, stable pay day is the pinnacle of success. 

The bad news is I'm under water breathing through a straw. And praying that a bug doesn't light upon the tip of my straw and plug my airway.

The worse news is that through the years of pecking away at my keyboard and chopping away at building my portfolio, I internalized the mantra "Never Say No."

"No" knows no adventure, no pounding heartbeat and sweaty palms, no sense of accomplishment against the odds. I don't believe in saying no.

But I think it would be better if I maintained a neutral stance now and again, maybe said nothing at all.

I just sucked in a chestful of air through my narrow straw and said YES again. Neutrality doesn't come natural to me.

All this to apologize for failing to post regularly in the last weeks. I will do better. YES, I will.


William Kendall said...

Never saying no can end in you stretched way too thing.

Jo said...

I missed you recently. And I agree, you can get stretched way too thin. Merry Christmas Lucy.

Lucy Adams said...

Jo and William, You are so right. Maybe in 2015 I will make it my goal to cultivate the skill of saying "No."

Merry Christmas!