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Monday, December 22, 2014

The Good Lie Give-Away TODAY

The Good Lie Give-Away TODAY!

(Instructions for entering follow the post.)

The Good Lie tells the story of children orphaned by the brutal civil war in Sudan, which began in 1983. These young victims traveled as many as a thousand miles on foot in search of safety. Fifteen years later, a humanitarian effort would bring 3,600 lost boys, as well as girls, to America.

Mamere and Theo are sons of the Chief in their village in Southern Sudan. When an attack by the Northern militia destroys their home and kills their parents, eldest son Theo is forced to assume the role of Chief and lead a group of young survivors, including his sister Abital, away from harm. But the hostile, treacherous terrain has other dangers in store for them. As the tattered group makes the difficult trek to Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, they meet other fleeing children, forging a bond with Jeremiah, who, at 13, is already a man of faith, and Paul, whose skills become essential to their survival. 

Thirteen years later, the now young adults are given the opportunity to leave the camp and resettle in America. 

My Review:
I rate this an A+ family movie. Keep in mind, however, that there is a scene depicting drinking and a couple of scenes depicting illicit drug use. Also, though the movie isn't graphic, the palpable state of the children's desperate plight may overwhelm some children.

Nonetheless, this is a powerful movie juxtaposing the extremes of human cruelty against the depths of human kindness. The Good Lie highlights human resilience and how faith, friendship and a sense of one's roots magnify not only the ability to survive and persevere, but also the capacity for joy and growth.

The Good Lie teaches us:
  • What it means to live one's faith.
  • What we are all capable of, good and bad.
  • What our most valuable possessions really are.
  • How collectivist and individualist cultures differ.
  • How 9/11 changed the world.
  • What love looks like and what it can do, even with a lie.
Reese Witherspoon is the recognized name in this movie, and she gives a fantastic performance. But the real stars are the adult Sudanese refugees who play the characters of Mamere, Jeremiah, Paul and Abital. They are among the pre-9/11 generation of lost children given the opportunity to start anew in America. The Good Lie is their story and they tell it well.

One last thing:
When the meaning of the movie title is revealed, your heart will burst wide open. Guaranteed.

How to win your own DVD and Blu-Ray copies of The Good Lie:
  • One entry for leaving a comment below.
  • One entry for posting a comment about The Good Lie to Facebook and tagging me (Lucy Adams) in it.  
  • One entry for commenting on any of my Facebook posts about The Good Lie:
  • One entry for a tweet mentioning The Good Lie in which you tag me: @lucyadams
 You can enter up to four times. The more entries you have, the better your chance of winning.

The give-away closes tomorrow at noon. The winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon. 


William Kendall said...

It's one I'll have to check out, though the subject matter does sound a bit too dark for a family film.

Lucy Adams said...

The presentation of it is inspirational and uplifting. My children empathized with the characters and have done some soul searching here at the holidays about their materialism. The Good Lie has generated vibrant discussions around our dinner table. This is definitely a family film.

Rose Chandler Johnson said...

I thought I left a comment when I first saw it, but maybe I failed the robot test. Thanks for the review and the contest. The movie sounds like an interesting uplifting one.