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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Karma Catches Up with a Man

 All women know that once a man gets the car going in the direction of the destination, he will refuse to stop. He doesn't care if his wife's eyes are turning yellow. She shouldn't have taken three sips of water two states ago. He doesn't care if the children's blood sugar has dropped so low that they're fashioning weapons out of empty chip bags. They should have eaten those chips slower.

My husband is no different, as I pointed out in a recent post: I had to threaten him, "Buy me some chocolate or lose me forever." A typical male, he paused to think his options over.

It was only a matter of time before this tunnel-vision caught up with a man: Somewhere in Texas or Oklahoma, on a road trip from Arizona to Michigan, the fellow's girlfriend gave up. She quit talking, slumped forward, and went to sleep. When that didn't persuade him to pull over, she up and died.

When she said, "Buy me some chocolate or lose me forever," she meant it. When he said, "Detroit or bust," he wasn't budging. He didn't even slow down long enough to consider the ramifications of his choices. He got it in his head that they were going to get to Detroit in record time, and he didn't stop until he rolled into the city morgue.

I believe I'll be driving on our next family trip.


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