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Friday, June 13, 2014

Introducing Dog (Who Runs)

This is Dog from the new children's book on which I'm working. Titled Dog on the Run, it's based on a story my 14 year-old son wrote in first grade.

Just like The Beast of Blue Mountain, it has colorful pictures, repetition and surprise. It's the kind of book I enjoy reading to children and that children love to read and listen to.

I'm using a different medium and style for illustrations in Dog on the Run, however. The Beast of Blue Mountain illustrations are done with pastels and rendered with a dream-like quality. 

Black Sharpie marker and colored pencil are the mediums for Dog on the Run illustrations. They have a simplistic, motif-like quality, almost like a child's coloring book. But they also have depth. They help tell the story and even raise questions as to what else might be happening. Parents and teachers can ask lots of thought provoking questions based on the text and the pictures.

I'm excited to be bringing Dog on the Run to you in 2014!

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