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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Find the Right Red

I know, I know. I've received the emails and the FaceBook messages, and I wonder where I've been my self. 

It's been a red alarm summer. Catastrophe has befallen my family at every turn in the road. From hydro planing across a busy Interstate in a driving downpour and totaling the car but not ourselves to being faced with the obligation of rescuing an abandoned kitten, our challenges have swelled. To top it off the kitten is a girl and she's very at home with us. Concussions, stitches and bee stings warranted ER visits. 

My minivan caught on fire. What's worse is someone put it out. Worse than that, I'm still driving it.

And my 17 year-old son hit a dear with his car. He field dressed it. I now have road kill in my freezer and I'm wondering if it means I'm a success or failure as a parent.

This is only half of the stuff that happened in July. May and June came with their own worries too stale to mention as excuses now. 

Thursday, I leave for the Bahamas. Friday, my children start school. When I return home, I expect the summer of catastrophe to be officially over and for things to return to our usual ordinary chaos.

Please pardon my long absence. Blogging to resume momentarily. Time for the green light.


Shelly said...

Its all good. I've been reading more blogs than I've written this summer. So much going on.

Hugs and chocolate,

Janna said...

At least it will be a memorable summer.

Field dressing a deer and putting it in your freezer is hard for me to relate to out here in the burbs, but I admire the DIY, don't-let-things go-to-waste spirit. I'd mark that one down on the success list.

Jo said...

Sorry its been such a lousy time, but I wish I had deer in my freezer. Glad nobody was hurt in the planing accident, pretty scary stuff.

Enjoy the Bahamas.

William Kendall said...

That's a chaotic summer. I hope the vacation does good for you.