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Monday, May 23, 2011

Seven Secrets Week

At the beginning of May, The Life of a Novice Writer kindly presented me with two awards for my blog.

The first is the Liebster Award, given to blogs with fewer than 300 followers. Receipt of this award requires that one pass it forward to three other bloggers.

Today, I wish to award the following blogs with the Liebster (drum roll, please):

I encourage you to check out each of these blogs, as each is creative and has its own distinct voice and perspective. All three are entertaining and at times wildly humorous.

The second is The Versatile Blogger Award,


This award also comes with requirements for the recipient, who is chosen, obviously, because of his or her versatility in blogging. According to, versatile means capable of turning easily from one to another of various tasks. Responsibilities upon acceptance include:

Rule 1: Thank and direct other bloggers to the person who gave it to you.

I received the Versatile Blogger Award from Shelly at The Life of a Novice Writer.

Rule 2: Tell some secrets about yourself. Seven or ten.

This averages about 2 a day if I do it over the course of one week. Now, you must know that I don't really like to tell secrets on myself because, naturally, it defeats the purpose of having a secret. But, I'm also a consummate rule follower, despite my better judgment. I simply can't help myself. I feel entirely too guilty if I break a rule. So, two secrets about me:

Secret 1: I live in a 100+ year-old brick Victorian house on an in-town neighborhood street surrounded by typical southern architecture. My home is filled with ancestral antiques, leather sofas, oriental rugs, taxidermied animals and other traditional decor presumed fitting for a small town southern girl. I'm not allowed to have it otherwise.

BUT, I prefer sleek, modern, minimalism. (Don't tell my Mama. She's taped my name to the bottom of her dining room set. I'll never hear the end of it, if she has to go rip it off and put one of my sibling's names in its place.)

Secret 2: I've been married 18 years and we have four children together.

BUT, I lack the fortitude for commitment. This is not the stuff of tabloids. I'm not talking about marital infidelity. What I mean is that my favorite phrase is, "Maybe, I don't know." Don't confuse this with wishy-washy. It's not that I can't make up my mind. It's that I don't want to lock myself in, but I'm too polite to hurt anyone's feelings. I might feel like having lunch with you tomorrow, but I might not. I don't want to say either until I've made up my mind for sure.

Rule 3: Award it to fifteen others.

This averages out to 3 a day if I take a week to give out the awards. Monday's recipients are:
I urge you to click on the links and check out these fun, versatile blogs. Leave a comment. Follow them. Every blogger needs an attaboy.


Norma Beishir said...

Love your humor, Lucy.

I've been dodging most awards because I don't want to have to confess to anything....

the writing pad said...

Hi Lucy
Thanks ever so much for the award, and for your comment on my blog

Will have a looksee what I need to do to acknowledge the award on my blog (and bare my soul ... ?? Be better if it was my sole, then I could just take my shoes off ...) Anyway, many thanks again - I've thoroughly enjoyed your blog, too, throughout the A-z and since - keep up the good work and Happy Writing!!

Carrie said...

Thank you for the award and the follow. The name on the bottom of the dining room table is pretty funny. I've told my mom I only want one piece of furniture, my grandpa's secretary desk.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Congrats on your awards!
I will check out those links! :-)

Darlene said...

Congratulations on your awards. I think it would be nicer if awards didn't come with rules, but maybe that's just me.

Becky said...

Thank you so much for giving me this award!! I accept and thank you!

Crystal Pistol said...

Congrats on your awards. Good idea about awarding three people per day. Less overwhelming that way. :)

Shelly said...

Smiles to you!

Brianna said...

Thank you, Lucy! I'm thrilled to be recognized by a blogger and writer like you who I truly admire!

Your home sounds divine! I've always loved old Victorians!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm a bit late getting here. Thank you!! :)))))