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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One Lovely Blog

To be honest, after the high of finishing the April A to Z Challenge, I hit May at top speed, slamming into it as hard as I did that sliding glass door when I was 10. With both eyes focused on the elusive catching-up-to-do, lest it sneak out of sight, I never saw the hard sheet of glass right in front of me, until it abruptly stopped mt momentum, my nose and cheeks sticking to the pane, dragging up as I slid down.

Okay, it's not all that tragic; just a dramatic way of saying I'm looking a lot of deadlines hard in the face and trying to deny their looming presence. Meanwhile, back in the happy land of blogging, my new friends continue to cheer me on.

Brianna, at A Pocketful of Playdough, a new friend I met through the A to Z Challenge, and a dynamic blogger, has generously awarded me the One Lovely Blog Award:

Brianna writes:
"What can I say about Lucy’s blog, except that it’s just plain awesome? I love how she handled blogging literary terms from a-z. It was educational, engaging, and entertaining! I loved the story of Netty, a southern lady with sass! I encourage everyone to settle down with a nice cup of tea and read Lucy’s A-Z posts from start to finish."

It is such an honor to receive this award from another blogger whose work is outstanding. I encourage you to visit A Pocketful of Playdough and read Brianna's well-written, inspirational posts. You'll be reading a book by her someday. Mark my words.

And now to peel myself off of the sliding glass door, open it, and walk through to a delightful May day.


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Congrats on a well deserved award.


William Kendall said...

I'll check that out!

Norma Beishir said...

I loved Playdough when I was a kid. It's so versatile....

Brianna said...

Wow! I feel as if I walked into a sliding glass door after that vivid description!

You'll be reading a book by her someday. Mark my words.
From you lips to God's ears!

And Norma hit the nail on the head with my title -playdough is versatile and so is my blog!

dkm said...

Congrats on finish A-Z. You and Niki have inspired me to try next year. Good luck with your May deadlines. I'm going on a two-week writing retreat in May for time and solitude to meet mine---because I have procrastinated my way through April.

But my bluebirds will likely fledge today---come enjoy the moment on backyardspectator. Then, back to those writing deadlines! Do you have bluebirds to keep you from your deadlines in your part of Georgia?