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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Presentation Tips for Procrastinators

Over a month ago, a ladies group invited me to speak at their tea. They wanted me to entertain them with my stories for about 30 minutes. I accepted. I put it on my calendar. I wrote it on my to-do list every week. I put off preparing.

The day before, I went into crisis mode. And still, I procrastinated by cleaning my house, weeding my garden, reading through old writings and getting distracted from the nagging task at hand that had a hard and fast deadline of Sunday at 1 p.m.

People like me know that despite the foul mood that creeps up on us while in this state of panic, this is when we do our best work. Do-or-die is when we get things done.

This video clip from my presentation is for everyone who ever procrastinated. The hat I'm wearing in the video was Minnie Pearl's, but I'll save the story of how it came to rest upon my head for another post on another day.

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