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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Quiz - Are You Cut Out for the Writing Life?

Monday's post listed tips for aspiring freelance writers. Staying in that theme - and thanks to my ophthalmologist who put me on notice that I need to be more prepared when people ask me about my profession - today's post is a quiz for aspiring writers. Are you cut out for the job?

I developed it a couple of years ago for talks on writing careers that I was invited to present to middle and high school students. We had a lot of fun with this quiz, though I've modified it for use here. The students found some of the prompts quite humorous.

Unfortunately, you won't get to hear my added explanation for each question and the writer's characteristic it pinpoints. But, if you query me in a comment about a specific question number, I will supply a brief summary of the "why" and the "what" behind it. The quiz is pretty see-through, so you're on your honor to give accurate answers for yourself.

AND, please read the last slide of the quiz. It is a very important slide.

(To take the quiz, expand the presentation to full screen by clicking on the icon with four small arrows pointing outward to form a square. It is second from the right. When it opens to full screen, click the "allow" button. Then use the right-pointing arrow - NOT the play arrow - button to move through the slides and select your responses. When you finish the quiz, press the Esc key on your keyboard to return to this page.)

Enjoy! And share your score in the comment section.


Jo said...

No aspirations to being a writer so don't need to go through your questions. Looks like they would be useful for those who do though.

William Kendall said...

I got a kick out of the question about acorns and asphalt!