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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Confess and Repent

As you can see, I found something that passes for business casual (at least the Barnsley Gardens Resort Wine Snob, Greg Tieague, approved of it). Unfortunately, he didn't approve of my wine tastes.

He went around to each media person present and asked her what wines she normally enjoys. Each one replied with a lot of words I didn't understand, which made me fade to the back of the classroom.

Eagle-eyed, he spied me slipping behind another guest. "And what kind of wine do you drink?" he asked me. 

Ugh! My heart fell. Everyone would know the truth about me now. They would know I was faking the business casual.

"I was trying to fade to the back of the classroom," I said, ashamed of getting caught.

"You drink Chardonnay, right?" He knowingly accused.

That's when I let the truth fall out of mouth like marbles I could no longer contain. "Yes! With an ice cube in it. Three dollar wine from Walmart!" I took a deep   breath. "I'm so sorry."

He forgave me :-)


Jo said...

You were lucky to be forgiven. ABC Anything But Chardonnay. In fact some Chardonnay are OK these days, but they were very unpopular for a while a few years ago. However, so long as they are not wine snobs, most people will tell you to drink what you enjoy.


William Kendall said...

Would I be in trouble with the crowd if I happened to mention that I don't drink at all?