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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Holy City

Every year, late winter, I get together with a group of friends from college. We were in the same sorority. We made a lot of the same mistakes. We share the same memories. 

This past weekend we ate our way through Charleston, SC like Old Testament locusts, infesting O'Hara & Flynn, Fleet Landing, The Grocery, Jestine's, Magnolias Uptown Down South, Hominy Grill and The Noisy Oyster with our inside jokes, favorite stories and bursts of laughter.

Normally, we stay out on one of the islands and drive in for just a few hours, but this year we decided to go urban. The guy with the rental company that leased us the apartment for the weekend answered an affirmative 'yes' when we asked if the place was in walking distance of the lower peninsula. Perhaps the misunderstanding was in the way we phrased the question. I don't know. But, by his interpretation, it was also in walking distance of the Vatican City. 

Add that commute to our bouts of aimless wandering (caused by all of the blood rushing to our stomachs to facilitate digestion before we piled on the next meal) then factor in the number of years that have elapsed since college and you arrive at sore feet. As we briskly hiked up Meeting Street to no particular destination, with no particular goal, one of the ladies in my party turned to me and remarked, "I feel like a Hebrew in the desert."

To which I responded, "Only we've managed to pack 40 years of wandering into one day."

Needless to say, between the food, the drink and the foot pace, we didn't exactly spring forward with the rest of the world on Sunday. The Holy City had brought us to our knees.


Susan Kane said...

Always a pleasure, Lucy. I take it you and your friends made it to the holy city?

Heather said...

Well spoken my friend and know that we are honored to have made the news! I wandered home eventually to North Carolina already wondering why I left the land of walking for food. I was stunned to observe a non-working oven in the kitchen, a shattered computer desk with trophies scattered and broken on one child's floor, and the new 50 gallon fish tank next to a television. In my shock I couldn't even ask why. Until next time!

Lucy Adams said...

All of that happened in just one weekend? It makes me think maybe we wandered for 40 years, and, because we were having so much fun, it only felt like a day.

Jo said...

Lovely town Charleston, glad you all had a good time.

William Kendall said...

I've always wanted to see Charleston... looks like you all enjoyed it, even with the excessive walking!

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