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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I know, my attention span is short. I have no grounds to fuss at my children for not listening to me all the way through a tirade.

Etsy has distracted me from what I should be doing, which is blogging. So, today, I'm making up for that and adding my Etsy store, Paper Pragmatist, to a post. Though other stuff shows up there from time to time, my store is primarily dedicated to reclaimed materials that can be upcycled into handmade artwork or crafts. And of course, true to form, I write both informative and entertaining product descriptions. The laughs are free.


shelly said...

So you make stuff, too?

Jo said...

Great way to upcycle.

Lucy Adams said...

Thanks, Jo.

No, Shelly, I don't make stuff. I just supply materials to other people who do.

William Kendall said...

Those necklaces look interesting!