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Monday, May 7, 2012

Where's My T-Shirt?

I survived the 2012 April A to Z Blog Challenge. Where's my t-shirt?

Oh, I'm only kidding . . . sort of . . . kind of . . . not really. I think those of us who finished all deserve an


t-shirt. It was a thrilling month of highs and lows and pressure and fear that we might not make it past the elem-n-opey portion of the alphabet (for those whose minds are still addling, that's L, M, N, O, P).

The best part for me was reconnecting with bloggers I met during last year's challenge, such as Brianna and The Golden Eagle. If you didn't visit their blogs during April, you must go there right away.

And meeting new people from around the blogosphere: Jo, Dana, Wendy, and Delores, to name a quick few. Every blog I visited reflected the personality and interests of its host. And I learned, learned, learned without much effort at all. I mean, just think, without Grover, I would have never known what zorbing is or that I might like to do it sometime on a dare.

For me these A to Z challenges are more than just a way to socialize or get more followers. They make me stretch as writer and a reader. They force me to organize my thoughts.

It took me several months, but I worked my posts from the 2011 challenge into a book, ABC Book of Literary Devices, available from Amazon in print and and Kindle versions. If all goes well, the ABC Book of Writing Conventions will be the second in the series and include simple, brief explanations of common grammar, usage, and punctuation errors/misunderstandings.

You might call me obsessive when I tell you that I've already planned out the next four years' worth of themes and posts. But really it's because I want my t-shirt, dog-gone-it.


Jo said...

There is an "I survived" logo you can copy - I have one. As for a T shirt, guess you will have to make your own, you can you know, I tried that with Tees and sweats a few years ago and made lots of them.

Anonymous said...

No, I wouldn't call you obsessive...well, okay, maybe I would lol. Thanks so much for the shout out.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Lucy .. that's great planning - and I loved this year's series and now I'll go back and look at 2011 - I don't think I connected then.

Congratulations on surviving .. very much alive and well and floating on a high of grammar ... cheers Hilary

Dana said...

Congrats on making it through!

I loved your theme for the challenge. Your theme from last year sounds great, too; I'll have to check out your book!

I appreciate the mention. :) I had a great time reading your posts and look forward to more.

Grover said...

Wow, that's really thinking ahead! I really liked that your blog had a theme for the challenge. I don't think I know enough about one thing to do it myself, but it's something I might try one day :)

Wendy said...

No t-shirt, but there is a badge free for the taking. Oh go ahead and grab it. I'm glad you're creating a book. You made the rules and conventions easy to apply. I can hardly wait for next year's installment.

Heather Murphy said...

I want a shirt too!

Susan Kane said...

Maybe we should all design our own varieties of "I survived!" Could mean anything.

William Kendall said...

Next year you could, just to be different, do the alphabet in reverse.

Janna said...

Congrats on the book! What a great idea. I looked forward to your posts. Can't wait to check you out next year.

mare ball said...

I agree, a t-shirt would have been nice. How about a potholder/towel? I'm giving away 5 this weekend. Check it out. Might just make your day. :-)

nutschell said...

I totally agree! I think we survivors deserve a full on celebration party. :) Congrats on surviving the A-Z!