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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

As Stunning as Rick Perry's Memory Gaps

Rick Perry is running for the republican party presidential nomination, but he can't remember which three government agencies he wants to delete: Commerce, Education, and . . . and . . . uh. The entire audience pensively waits, with fingers crossed, hoping he'll say IRS. But, instead, he says, "Oops." Jaws and hearts dropped. It's what we at my house call a shift-f-8.

My husband has a soft spot for Mr. Perry. He says things like that can happen to any guy. That's because he is the daddy of the shift-f-8. I, of course, have set about popularizing it.

How it began: A dotcom company employs my beloved. The company sent him to conduct a training for one their Atlanta clients. When he arrived, security refused to let him in until he produced the name of his "contact." His "contact," however, the person who requested and arranged the details of the session, was not actually employed by the client, which left my husband scrolling through emails searching for a name of a person who might vouch for him.

When at last he was granted entry, he raced upstairs to the meeting room with only 3 minutes until presentation time. Hastily he began setting up, turning on his laptop and loading the PowerPoint presentation. At one minute to go-time, he discovered that his computer was not communicating with the room's projector.

His "contact" offered her assistance. "Press shift f 8, that usually works for me," she prompted. While she watched, he used three fingers to press the shift key, the f key and the 8 key, simultaneously. He looked up at the screen, disappointed at the results.

His "contact" didn't say a word, probably because she was struck speechless.

Then my husband shook his head in frustration and did it again: He pressed the shift key, the f key and the 8 key. When nothing happened, he grew distraught.

The "contact" thought she might be the victim one of those TV shows that pulls crazy tricks on people and films their responses. She bit her lip to keep from bonking.

Suddenly, like coming out of a coma, my husband said, "Ooooh, you mean Shift-F8. Oops."

My husband blames the hassles in the security area, which stole his precious minutes of preparation time, for his deficient mental moment. If my husband ran for president he'd be hefty competition for Rick Perry, at least in terms of public shift-f-8 incidents.

What's your latest shift-f-8 incident?


William Kendall said...

Well, the whole security fiasco would have a way of throwing one off their game, after all...

Still, that is a face palm moment, isn't it?

And as for Governor Rick... that oops was the equivalent of Howard Dean's screeching "yeahhhhhh!!!" You could feel his presidential aspirations go right up in smoke.

Diana said...

Has this tale made it into one of your books? It should! Hilarious!