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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

That Boy is a Blonde

The kids are back in school and I'm back on the radar. Wow! What a summer! Not since the postpartum fog have I felt so overwhelmed with juggling work and family.

But I'm back and blogging again, if there is anybody out there who still cares.

And I'm seeking some much deserved sympathy. You people have no idea what I've dealt with June, July and August. The humidity went straight to my children's heads and the heat caused the molecules to expand, filling their cranial spaces with air. To prove it to you, I've made a little podcast of a recorded message my 12 year-old son left for me one afternoon (I added the music):

Yes, you heard that correctly. His recorded Note to Mom said, "Mama check your recorder," followed by important information. Later, when I sarcastically snarked, "Great way to catch my attention, bub," he grinned proudly about his ingenuity. Though I painstakingly explained to him that there was no possible way for me to know he recorded his whereabouts for me, he stood by the argument that he did due diligence and told me where he was.

As result of that boy being so blonde, my lawn has never been so green. Maybe the summer wasn't that bad, after all.


Crystal Pistol said...

I love me a sweet lil blonde boy with a southern accent. It must be what my daddy must have sounded like at that age. How could you ever be irritated with a voice like that?

My kids pull crap like that on me constantly, btw. :)

SouthMainMuse said...

Welcome back. Just in time for them to have Monday off.

Tony Payne said...

Shame I couldn't get the audio to play.

This reminded me of a receptionist at one company I worked for in Indiana, who was always leaving her cell phone at her desk. The ring tone she used was her daughter repeatedly saying (at full volume so the whole office could hear), "Mom, The Phone's Ringing, Mom, The Phone's Ringing". We used to be in hysterics.