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Saturday, October 16, 2010

University of Georgia Grad Faces Game Day

This morning as I streamed along toward Sanford Stadium with the rest of the red and black homecoming crowd, something caught my eye. Facing the onslaught of UGA fans and a smattering of Vanderbilt fans, with the beckoning stadium in the background, was a man dressed in a business suit, sans suit coat, holding a briefcase and handing out flyers to anyone who would accept one.

I wondered what he was advertising and alerted myself to not make eye contact so that I wouldn't feel obligated to take a piece of paper that I would then have to deposit in a trash receptacle. I didn't want that kind of distraction. The installation of UGA VIII was slated for the 50-yard line in the nearest future and I was determined not to miss it.

Drawing closer, it became very clear that this man wasn't just any dawg-to-dawg salesman. He is a recently out of work 2000 University of Georgia graduate who went straight to the mecca of alumni networking.

His name is Travis W. Braun. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration, with a major in international business and coconcentrations in management and German. And I know some of you might be thinking that no one but a desperate man would go to this end to get a job. But Mr. Braun is no desperate man. He only just lost his full-time position as a regional sales manager and project manager in September. He still has his part-time position as an assistant director of commercial development.

So desperation is not the explanation for Mr. Braun's behavior; for his dawg-to-dawg sales.

I would guess that he's driven, highly motivated, energetic.

Who wouldn't want to hire someone like this, who, on top of all that, is also innovative, creative, and an outside-of-the-stadium thinker?

All I can add is Go Dawg!

(E-mail me,, if you'd like to get in touch with Mr. Braun about  possible employment.)

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