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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Get Ready. Get Set. Get Groovin'.

Get ready. Get set. Get groovin' with the new Bari Koral Family Rock Band CD, Rock and Roll Garden, scheduled for release on January 14th. Featuring twists on old favorites with songs like Hey Ducky, plus songs like Uh Oh, certain to be childhood favorites, kids and adults alike can't help but sing along.

Listening to Rock and Roll Garden transported me back to the days when my children and I listened to kiddie music together in the car and in the kitchen and while they were taking baths and just about any time they requested it. Some of my best memories are of listening to their four sweet voices singing in the backseat while we ran errands around town. Music like this takes families places, both literally and metaphorically.

The interactive nature of tunes such as Clap It!, Dance All Day, Big Sounds, Boom Boom, and others engages children with the music. It gets them up and moving, improves listening skills, and gives them confidence in their ability to operate on and in their environments. Rock and Roll Garden is a perfect addition to play group activities, family nights, library story times, and the preschool through kindergarten classroom. Any parent would be smart, as well, to leave a babysitter armed with it in her bag of tricks.

All that said, kids will enjoy Rock and Roll Garden long after their kindergarten years. As proof, I give you my 8 year-old daughter, who is, as I write this, singing along to Hey Ducky in the next room. I guess hearing my children's sweet voices singing in the backseat doesn't necessarily have to be a memory yet.

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